Our Mission

* Build competitive advantage for our clients by providing technology products and professional services that empower them to work smarter.

* Integrate innovation, talent, creativity and technology to solve our clients’ needs and exceed expectations, while providing the best value to our clients.

* Make trust, passion and fun part of our daily lives, while working enthusiastically to achieve our mission.

Philosophy & History

Commitment to clients and focus on innovation and technology is the driver for the company’s multidimensional approach for growing the business.

Ecotronics’ name was inspired by combining the two core ideas that project the company’s mission:

Eco: root word from “ecosystem”, defined as “an ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit”. As innovators and integrators of technology, “ecosystem” reflects Ecotronics approach towards integration of technology with emphasis on the environment and people.

Tronics: portion of the word “electronics”. Electronics are the foundation of the technology used by Ecotronics to develop products and services. Electronics are the foundation for achieving the company’s mission today and for the years to come.

Committed to the Community

Starting in 2010, our 10th year of business activity, Ecotronics pledges a percentage of the net sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families.

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